2018 Seminars

Creating Harmony in the Workplace

January 16, 2018
Addison Conference & Theatre Centre
11:00 am - 1:30 pm
$45 Individual Registration
$320 for Table of 8 Attendees

Savvy organizations realize that they must equip their teams to work productively with different people across a variety of workplace situations. As a result of this training, organizations become more agile, innovative and productive.

Also, research has shown that managers who understand how to connect with individuals in ways that resonate with their values, communication styles and needs are better equipped to keep their teams engaged and inspired to achieve. In a recent research study, 88% of the participants said that communication style differences at work cause communication breakdowns, with 87% reporting that conflict was due to communication/behavioral style differences at work.

Social or communication style training has helped teams/organizations have more effective and harmonious relationships with their co-workers and teams.

This class will provide an introduction to communication styles (Social Styles), that will develop interpersonal skills that lead to higher performance for both the individual and the organization. Participants will learn how to recognize these behavioral and communication preferences and adjust their own behaviors to create more harmonious and productive working relationships with individuals of all communication styles.

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