PAC Board of Directors

Program Description – The BOMA Greater Dallas Political Action Committee supports candidates for political office.
Committee Charge – The Boma Greater Dallas PAC Board is responsible for raising funds for this PAC and for making contributions on behalf of the association.

Committee Composition – Per the BOMA Greater Dallas PAC constitution:

  • The PAC Board consists of 5 members, who are appointed by the BOMA Greater Dallas Board;
  • At least one member will be a member of the BOMA Greater Dallas Board;
  • One member must be a past president;
  • One member must be part of the Government Relations Committee;
  • There are three officers – chair, vice chair and secretary/treasurer;
  • Officers are appointed by the BOMA Greater Dallas Board and are also part of the 5 person PAC Board;
  • Board members serve two year terms; and
  • Initially terms were staggered to ensure overlap when terms expired.

Note – The treasurer and assistant treasurer are staff positions and are also considered part of the committee.

Protocol for Distributing Funds –The protocol for distributing funds for BOMA Greater Dallas PAC is:
  • The GR Committee must make a recommendation to the PAC Board regarding contribution; and
  • Both the PAC Board and the BOMA Board must approve.

Click here for a list of the 2022-2023 Board of Directors.