Foundation Scholarship Committee

Program Description – The Foundation (formerly DBEI) offers a number of scholarships to cover costs associated with professional development, including BOMI course fees as well as professional seminars. These scholarships can also cover tuition and other fees associated with enrollment in a college or technical school.

Committee Charge – To develop and manage the scholarship program on behalf of the Foundation.

Committee Composition – Membership on the Scholarship Committee is subject to the policies and procedures established by the Foundation Board of Trustees. Per existing policy:

  • The Committee should have between four and 10 members;
  • The Committee will have a chair and a co-chair;
  • It is preferable that both the committee chair and co-chair be real estate members;
  • Under no circumstances should both the chair and co-chair be an allied member; and
  • The composition of the committee must be at least 50% real estate and no more than 50% allied members.


Scholarship Chair - Nicole DiGiorgio, Piedmont Office Realty Trust
Co-Chair- Kellie Garetson, Piedmont Office Realty Trust
Board Liaison - Colleen Burrows, Lincoln Harris CSG
Staff Liaison - Bernadette Jaramillo-Peck, BOMA Greater Dallas

 Visit the Committee Home Page to download the current Leadership Directory (rosters).