Government Affairs Committee

Program Description – Advocacy on the local, state and federal levels is one of the core values of BOMA Greater Dallas. The organization seeks to represent BOMA Greater Dallas members and advocate for rules, regulations and legislation that serves in the best interest of commercial real estate.

Committee Charge – The Government Relations Committee is responsible for the association’s advocacy programs. The Committee works with Texas BOMA and BOMA International in advancing the legislative and regulatory goals of the association. The Committee monitors local issues and represents the association as needed and raises money for the BOMA International Political Action Committee. This Committee reports to the Board of Directors.

Committee Composition – Membership on the Government Relations Committee is subject to the policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors. Per existing policy:

  • The Committee should have at least 12 members;
  • The Committee will have a chair and a vice-chair, who must be real estate members; and
  • The composition of the committee must be at least 60% real estate and no more than 540% allied members.