Networking Committee

Program Description – BOMA Greater Dallas holds a number of social events designed to: encourage interaction among members, support the association’s core value of networking and provide value for all members.

These events also provide a source of non-dues revenue for the association and a forum for allied members to reach real estate members. Current events include:

  • Dart Tournament
  • Bowling Tournament
  • Top Golf Tournament
  • Sporting Clay Tournament
  • Golf Tournament

Committee Charge – The Networking Committee is responsible for developing and managing networking events according to the association’s guidelines and policies. The Committee is also encouraged to evaluate all networking events on an annual basis to determine if current programming is appropriate for the association. This Committee reports to the Board of Directors.

Committee Composition – Membership on the Networking Committee is subject to the policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors. Per existing policy:

  • The Committee should have between seven and 10 members;
  • The Committee will have a chair and a co-chair;
  • It is preferable that both the committee chair and co-chair be real estate members;
  • Under no circumstances should both the chair and co-chair be an allied member; and
  • The composition of the committee must be at least 50% real estate and no more than 50% allied members.

Committee Protocol – The committee will adhere to the following protocol for development of events:

  • The Networking Committee chair will appoint “Event Leaders” for each of the networking programs.
  • This person (or persons) will research facilities, pricing, etc. and will present information to the committee.
  • The full committee votes on the selection for each event.
  • The chair will forward the committee’s selection to the Board for information purposes.
  • The chair will forward any contracts to the executive director for review and execution.
  • The committee will follow all BOMA Greater Dallas policies when selecting event facilities. This includes, but is not limited to, obtaining three bids for any purchase in the amount of $1,500 or more. Exceptions will be made if there are not three viable options.
  • The removal or addition of any networking events must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Networking Chair - Debra Sova, Crescent Real Estate
Co-Chair- Shane Baggett, Holt Lunsford Commercial 
Board Liaison - Janet Dempsey, American Restoration
Staff Liaison - Bernadette Jaramillo-Peck, BOMA Greater Dallas

 Visit the Committee Home Page to download the current Leadership Directory (rosters). 

This committee does not count towards CPD points for a BOMI designation.