Lone Star Category Descriptions


Management Categories

Senior Property Manager/Portfolio Manager
The senior property manager/portfolio manager has a minimum of seven years of experience in commercial real estate, property management and managing property teams. This individual oversees the management and operations of a minimum of three or more separately located properties, or a minimum of one million square feet of property in one location. Daily responsibilities include, but are not limited to: management of staff (minimum of five); knowledge of and recommendations for building operational systems; client/asset manager contact; preparation, implementation and oversight of property and capital budget plans; operating expense reconciliations; financial reporting; construction management; new business development; development of pro formas (or similar); and strategic planning. This individual may also have an officer title within his/her management organization. 

Property Manager
The property manager oversees the day-to-day operations and management of the property by emphasizing positive tenant relations and increasing the value of the building. The property manager must maintain ethical, professional, and courteous relationships with contractors and tenants; manage all property personnel; and perform as a team member with all employees. 

Assistant Property Manager
The assistant property manager has direct responsibilities involving customer relations and retention. He/she is responsible for: direct staff reports; specific contracts, such as janitorial, landscaping, etc.; and participation in the creation and administration of the property budget. 

Administrative Assistant
The administrative assistant performs a number of tasks for the building. This person is typically responsible for: maintaining the front-desk image of the property; entry level accounting tasks, such as accounts payable and receivable; correspondence for the property; and maintenance requests. 

Operations Category

Chief Engineer
The chief engineer has a minimum of five years of experience in commercial real estate. This individual oversees and participates in the training of all engineers and monitors their work performance. This person implements and manages the preventative/predictive maintenance programs. The chief monitors monthly budgetary information; schedules budgeted expenditures; and serves as primary manager for engineering projects. The chief engineer interacts with tenants, supervisors, co-workers, subordinates, contractors and vendors.

Assistant Chief Engineer/Lead Engineer
The assistant chief engineer's primary responsibility is to oversee the efficient operation of all building systems and to inform the chief engineer, operations manager or general manager of any condition affecting building services and tenant or client safety and comfort. Specific areas of responsibility include: tenant or client services; preventive maintenance; assisting the chief engineer in the supervision of the crew (including staff development); purchasing and inventory control; contracted maintenance; and following the firm's guidelines regarding general maintenance practices. The assistant chief can fill in for the chief engineer.
Disclaimer: BOMA understands that not all properties have a chief engineer, so the assistant chief/lead engineer may directly report to the property manager.

Building Engineer
The building engineer assists in the daily routine maintenance of the property. The building engineer promotes and facilitates the safe and efficient operation of building(s) and works to maintain the integrity and value of the physical assets. This person works for provide the highest quality of service for satisfactory resolutions of all tenant and owner issues.

Industry Category

BOMA Greater Dallas Award of Excellence
The Award of Excellence recognizes an individual for contributions not defined in other Lone Star categories. This could be awarded to members or nonmembers. Some examples for this award:

  • Exceptional work by a BOMA member
  • Special recognition for BOMA members for work done outside of BOMA
  • Legislative friends who go above and beyond for BOMA Greater Dallas
  • Professionals from other locals who provide a service for BOMA Greater Dallas
  • The member who shows up for EVERYTHING and contributes! (i.e. to move boxes, decorate, etc.)

Leadership Category

BOMA Greater Dallas Outstanding Member of the Year
The BOMA Greater Dallas Outstanding Member of the Year recognizes the member who has demonstrated leadership skills by supporting the commercial real estate community on the local, state and international levels. Candidates are evaluated according to the following qualifications: participation in BOMA activities, contribution of time and talent to his/her local community; and involvement within the BOMA structure by writing articles or participating in educational programs. The winner of the BOMA Greater Dallas Outstanding Member of the Year will be nominated for the Southwest Region Outstanding Member of the Year. 

President's Award
Being BOMA Greater Dallas president isn't an easy task and in order to be effective, the president must rely on key volunteers. The winner of the BOMA Greater Dallas President's Award is selected by the president and honors that person who has stepped in to provide additional assistance. This often means working behind the scenes and picking-up extra tasks, or going out of his or her way to ensure the job is done.

Allied Member of the Year
BOMA Greater Dallas allied members provide significant resources to the association and the commercial real estate industry. Some allied members support the organization through financial resources, while others donate their time and talents. And some do both. But in the end, all of our allied members are important to our success.

The Allied Member of the Year award is given to that member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. He or she is the allied member who you see at all events, and also provides a significant amount of work behind the scenes. Regardless of the task, these members get it done.

Committee Member of the Year
Volunteers are the heart and soul of BOMA Greater Dallas. Without our committee members, BOMA Greater Dallas wouldn't have the programs or events that make us who we are. Although it truly takes a village, there are always a few who put in the extra miles to make things happen. The BOMA Greater Dallas Committee Member of the Year award recognizes that one individual committee member who stood out among the rest.

Committee Chair of the Year
BOMA volunteers may by the heart and soul of the association, but the committee chairs are the leaders of these groups. These individuals keep their teams on task to ensure all BOMA Greater Dallas programs support the mission and strategic plan of the association and all programs are successful. The BOMA Greater Dallas Committee Chair of the year award recognizes the chair whose programs exceeded expectations set by the Board of Directors.

Outstanding Committee of the Year
While each committee may have a specific volunterr that stood out above the rest, it is sometimes the entire committee that had an exceptional year to make BOMA Greater Dallas the best it can be. BOMA Greater Dallas would not be the association it is today without the collaboration and hard work of its twelve committees. The BOMA Greater Dallas Outstanding Committee of the Year award recognizes the committee who went above and beyond the expectations set by the Board of Directors.