Industrial Committee

Program Description – Educational and social programming provided to those individuals who manage industrial properties.

Committee Charge – The Industrial Committee is charged with executing programs for those property managers who work in the industrial sector. The committee is also responsible for recruiting industrial property managers to BOMA Greater Dallas membership.

Committee Composition – Membership on the Industrial Committee is subject to the policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors. Per existing policy:

  • The Committee should have between five to 10 members; due to this being a newly implemented committee, membership on the committee is not currently required to max out at 10 members. 
  • The Committee will have a chair and a co-chair, who much be real estate members; and
  • The composition of the committee must be at least 50% real estate and no more than 50% allied members.

Industrial Chair - Lisa Rowe, Sealy & Company 
Co-Chair- Kacie Chappell, Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT 
Board Liaison - Mary Leerssen, Holt Lunsford Commercial
Staff Liaison - Bernadette Jararmillo-Peck, BOMA Greater Dallas

Visit the Committee Home Page to download the current Leadership Directory (rosters).