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 Here you will find any and all things TOBY.
This guide will take you through the whole TOBY process
step-by-step with detailed instruction, informative videos,
and tips and tricks from past TOBY winners. With this guide,
the TOBY process is simpler, so there’s no excuse to not apply.
Show off your building, your team and your hard work by
showcasing your collective efforts in the upcoming TOBY cycle.  

Youtube Library
What is TOBY Webinar
TOBY Basics International Webinar
      - Q&A from the International Webinar
Book Guidelines Webinar

2021/2022 Entry Requirements 2021/2022 Tour Forms
2020/2021 Building Inspection Form
2020/2021 Inspection Verification Form

TOBY Book Portal 
BOMA International TOBY Portal

Important Dates
July 1 - 31, 2021 Call for TOBY Entries
November 1 - 12, 2021 Local TOBY Building Tours
December 12, 2021 Local TOBY Book Due
January 29, 2022 Dallas Awards Banquet & Ceremony
April 2022 Southwest Region TOBY Awards Banquet & Ceremony in Dallas, TX
July 2022 International TOBY Awards Banquet & Ceremony