Allied Council

The Allied Council provides a channel of support and communications between related service providers (allied members) and real estate professionals. Our objectives are to reinforce the goals established by Dallas BOMA, increase the professionalism of the allied members, and to increase mutual confidence and cooperation throughout Dallas BOMA.

The Board of Directors (based on recommendations from the Nominating Committee) appoints members to a two-year term. The Allied Council meets monthly and reports to the Allied Director.

The Allied Council is excited to promote the “Ask Me” campaign. This campaign is designed to open the dialogue between Property Managers and Allied Members to start the relationship building process. “Ask Me” can mean anything, but preferably, ask me who I work for and what we do. The Allied Members are the experts in their field of business and the Property Managers should know that they can “Ask” this group of professional’s questions to learn more and make their jobs easier. So the next time you’re at the monthly membership meeting or networking event, “Ask” an Allied Professional what they do and remember to Buy BOMA First!

  • Allied Director: Janet Dempsey, American Restoration
  • Allied Board Liaison: Jenny Phillips, Fujitec America, Inc.
  • Allied Council Member: Ben Manna, 5
  • Allied Council Member: Tia Chambers, Allied Universal
  • Allied Council Member: Kim SolCruz, Terracare Associates
  • Allied Council Member: Dan McLaughlin, Facility Solutions Group
  • Staff Liaison: Teresa Foster, BOMA Dallas

Visit the Committee Home Page to download the current Leadership Directory (rosters). 

Council Charge–The Allied Advisory Council was formed to act as a liaison between BOMA Dallas allied members and the Board of Directors. The Allied Advisory Council is not a committee of the corporation.The Council reports to the Board of Directors.
Council Composition – Membership on the Allied Council is governed by the BOMA Dallas bylaws. Per the Bylaws:

  • Members on the Allied Advisory Council are recommended by the Nominating Committee and appointed by the Board of Directors;
  • The Council consists of four allied members and a chair;
  • Two members are appointed each year; and
  • Terms are two years.

Note – The chair’s duties include acting as interim allied director on the Board of Directors in the absence of the duly appointed allied director.  However, serving as chair of the Allied Advisory Council does not guarantee a future position as allied director on the Board of Directors.The allied director on the Board of Directors is recommended by the Nominating Committee and approved by the Board of Directors (the current allied director does not vote).