BOMA Greater Dallas and Local Issues

BOMA Greater Dallas works to foster relationships with government leaders at all levels. Our goal is to serve as a knowledgeable, competent resource for governing agencies, our members and the community at large. Currently, the Government Affairs Committee is meeting with each member of the Dallas City Council. Click here for a copy of the information provided to our city leaders. 

One issue of concern to many members in Dallas is the payment terms for commercial utility bills. Currently, the payment is due within 15 days. However, the Committee worked with the City to find a solution. Click here for a copy of the letter sent to the Dallas city manager and click here for a copy of the response from the City, which provides and additional five days for payment. 

City of Dallas "Zero Waste" Campaign

BOMA Greater Dallas supports the City of Dallas Zero Waste by 2040 Initiative and is working with the city and other organizations to determine the current level of recycling by our member buildings. This project began in 2014 with a benchmarking survey sent to all BOMA members. Follow-up surveys were sent in 2015 and 2016. 

The city has set milestones for diversion rates. They are: 40% diversion by 2020; 60% diversion by 2030; and Zero Waste by 2040. Click here to see how BOMA Greater Dallas buildings improved from 2014 to 2015.

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