2018/2019 Award Nominees

Good Luck to All of Our TOBY and Lone Star Nominees!

Lone Star Award Nominees


TOBY Award Nominees

Senior Property/Portfolio Manager of the Year 
Adam Bernhardt, CPM, Peloton Commercial RE
Angelia Franklin, Crescent Real Estate, LLC
Carly Davis, Cushman & Wakefield
Cheryl Brisco, Stream Realty Partners
David Sansom, JLL
Karen Heckmann, Stream Realty Partners
Stephanie Hudson, Granite Properties
Wendy Trayler-Khadka, RPA, JLL

Property Manager of the Year 
Courtney Kuebler, JLL
Jessica Morrow, Cushman & Wakefield
Kailie Quiqley, Billingsley Property Services
Kristine Lang, RPA, Crescent Real Estate, LLC
Shannon Bettencourt, Holt Lunsford Commercial

Assistant Property Manager of the Year 
Alexandra Johnson, Cawley Partners
Amanda Horstman, Stream Realty Partners
Cheryl Gethers/Jackson, Holt Lunsford Commercial
Cindy Wallace, Stream Realty Partners
Corey Best, CPM, Granite Properties
Libby Heath, JLL
Lisa Farley, Cushman & Wakefield
Marisol Aranda, Crescent Real Estate, LLC

Administrative Assistant of the Year 
Eva Snipes, Cushman & Wakefield
Jennifer Crossland, Stream Realty Partners
Leslie DeCastro, JLL
Lisa Buckland, JLL
Maria Moreno, CBRE
Sasha Forester, Holt Lunsford Commercial, Inc.
Tricia Wentz, Crescent Real Estate, LLC

Chief Engineer of the Year
Carlton Redwine, Stream Realty Partners
Clint Hacker, JLL
David Ogle, Lincoln Harris CSG
Josh Hartsell, Crescent Real Estate, LLC
Kyle Davis, Peloton Commercial RE
Larry Butts, Cushman & Wakefield
Mark Jones, Peloton Commercial RE
Scott Grissom, SMA, Cushman & Wakefield

Assistant Chief/Lead Engineer of the Year 
Alan Smith, Peloton Commercial RE
Kirk Kienzle, Billingsley Property Services
Michael Plowman, JLL
Oscar Cardenas, JLL
Steve Gove, Accesso Services, LLC

Building Engineer of the Year 
Cody Prince, Billingsley Property Services
Fernando Valdez, Granite Properties
Izzy Herrera, Peloton Commercial RE
Jesus Mancillas, Holt Lunsford Commercial, Inc.
Nate Brown, Crescent Real Estate, LLC

Allied Member of the Year 
Ben Manna, Schneider Electric
Dan McLaughlin, Facility Solutions Group

Committee Member of the Year 
Amber Begnal, PMRG
Courtney Kuebler, JLL
Dovile Soblinskas, G4S Secure Solutions
Jessica Gonzales, Peloton Commercial RE
Karen Neill, Piedmont Office Realty Trust
Kelli Garca, RPA, Piedmont Office Realty Trust
Lauren Johonnesson, IMS
Mary Lempke, CBRE
Sheree Obuabang, Bridge Commercial Real Estate
Zoe Freeman, American Technologies

Committee Chair of the Year 
Allison Hasselteg, JLL
Ben Manna, Schneider Electric
Christy Walters, RPA, Duke Realty Corporation
Gip Erskine, CPM, CCIM, Transwestern
Janet Dempsey, American Restoration
Jenny Phillips, Fujitec America
Jeremy Allbritton, JLL
Lesia Aguilar, LEED GA, CBRE
Leslie Coke, MB Real Estate Services
Mark Biggs, Maffco General Contractors
Mary Stocks, Rosewood Court Management
Rhonda Reid, SELECT Commercial Services
Sharon Simmons, CPM, RPA, FMA, Vanderbilt
Teresa Shiller, RPA, Cawley Partners
  Historical Building
The Sharyland Building
Hunt Office Management
Property Manager: Scott Schutz, RPA, FMA

Medical Office Building
Methodist Medical Office Building Pavillion 1
Lincoln Harris CSG
Property Manager: Roberta Kelley

Suburban Office Park (Low Rise)
International Business Park
Billingsley Property Services
Property Manager: Kailie Quigley

100,000 - 249,999 Square Feet
Knoll Trail Plaza
Cawley Partners
Property Manager: Denise Goins

511 EJC
Crescent Real Estate, LLC
Property Manager: Jonathan Jones

250,000 - 499,999 Square Feet
Greenhill Towers
Crescent Real Estate, LLC
Property Manager: Jonathan Jones

500,000 - 1 Million Square Feet
McKinney & Olive
Crescent Real Estate, LLC
Property Manager: Angelique Wade