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Saturday, July 31, 2021

TOBY: Renovated Building

Start Date: 7/1/2021 12:00 AM CDT
End Date: 7/31/2021 11:45 PM CDT

Organization Name: BOMA Greater Dallas

Taylor Griffin
Email: tgriffin@bomadallas.org
Phone: (817) 744-9020

Renovated Building Category
All Building(s) must be at least 15 years old, have maintained a minimum of 50% occupancy during the
renovation process for all building(s) and 3 or more projects must be completed in each building when submitting multiple buildings. If entry is a single building, a minimum of 5 projects are necessary. Renovation can encompass: (1) Rehabilitation (the restoration of a property to satisfactory condition without changing the plan, form, or style of a structure); (2) Modernization (taking corrective measures to bring a property into conformity
with changes in style, whether exterior or interior. It requires replacing parts of the structure or mechanical equipment with modern replacements of the same kind but not including capital additions); and (3) Remodeling (changing the plan, form or style of a structure to correct functional or economic deficiencies). In order to be eligible, a minimum of five of the following work projects must be completed by January 2016 and the building must enter the TOBY program within 5 years following substantial completion of the last renovation projects to be eligible for this category.
1. New roof, re-roof or green roof
2. New boilers/HVAC /Central Plant
3. Cleaning/Painting/New design of existing building envelope
4. New electrical system
5. New fire panel/sprinkler system
6. Modernization of elevators which can include mechanicals, ADA compliance and interior cabs refurbishment
7. New security systems can include card access, cameras, console, fire panel etc.
8. Renovation of main lobby that includes 3 or more of the following items: floors, walls, entry doors, signage, security desk etc.
9. Renovation of restrooms that includes 4 or more of the following items: sinks, counter tops, toilet, urinals, floors, walls, lighting, faucets, flushometers, stale partitions etc
10. Installation of new windows 

*Net rentable as measured by BOMA standards.

A $250 entry fee must be paid in order to submit a building for consideration at the local level. If entrant wins at the local level and moves on to compete in the regional/international level, a $375 entry fee must be paid to submit your book. 

Eligibility Requirements
1. The building must win at the local level to advance to the regional level and must win at the regional level to advance to International.
NOTE: At-Large entries, entries that are outside the jurisdiction of a local association, must submit their portfolio directly to their region using BOMA International’s TOBY Web site at http://toby.boma.org for regional judging and must notify their regional awards chair of their intention to compete.
2. All portfolios must have undergone a building inspection and scored at least 70% to be eligible to compete. Each entrant must upload the completed and signed TOBY Building Inspection Verification form to be eligible to compete at the Regional and International level (this form is provided by your local BOMA association or International Affiliate organization).
3. The building must be a member, or managed by an entity that is a member, in good standing with both their BOMA local association and BOMA International in order to compete at the regional and/or international levels. Specifically, all membership fees, and any other debt, must be paid prior to entry.
4. The building may not have won in the same category at the international level during the last 5 years (i.e. Buildings that win in 2021 are not eligible to compete until 2026 and awarded in 2027. The building may not have won in a different category at the international level during the last 3 years (i.e. Buildings that win in 2021 are not eligible to compete until 2024 and awarded in 2025.
5. The building must be occupied for at least one full year from the date of occupancy of the first tenant by June 15, 2021 with a minimum of 12 months of building operations.
6. At least 50% of a building’s space must be used as office space to be considered for all categories with the exception of Industrial, Mixed-Use, Public Assembly and Retail categories. Buildings submitted in the Industrial category must have more than 5% and less than 50% office area as measured by BOMA standards. Buildings submitted in the Mixed-Use category must have at least 10% office space.
7. All categories must be at least 50% percent occupied.
8. Each building may enter in only one category.
9. All U.S. Entrants with the exception of industrial, mixed-use, public assembly and retail buildings are required to be ENERGY STAR ® benchmarked. All other entrants must complete the following:
(1) provide a copy of the current year Statement of Energy
Performance printed from ENERGY STAR ® 
(2) share their data with BOMA International in the ENERGY STAR® online portfolio manager. Any entry that does not include both 1 and 2 will not be eligible to compete at the International level. 
To share your data with BOMA International, go to the Facility Summary page on the ENERGY STAR® website by clicking on the facility name on the My Portfolio page. Select “Add user to share this facility” under the Sharing Data section (on the right-hand side of the page) and follow the instructions.
9. An entrant may choose to enter multiple buildings as a single entry only if the buildings are owned by the same company, managed by the same company and the buildings are managed as a single entity and not within a suburban office park. All entries must disclose whether their entry is a single building or multiple buildings.
10. For any building that enters the competition at the local and regional level that may encounter a change in management and/or ownership and wins at the International level, the award will be presented to the management company/owner at the time of the original entry.

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