Real Estate Emerging Professional

What is a Real Estate "Emerging Professional" Member?

Real Estate "Emerging Professional" Membership is designated for those individuals who are relatively to somewhat new to the commercial real estate industry (zero to two years maximum). This membership is for real estate professionals with a title including, but not limited to Assistant Property Manager, Property Administrator or Tenant Services Coordinator.

Benefits include access to the BOMA Dallas eVoice newlsetter and This Week's Events, monthly luncheons, networking and educational opportunities, as well as the ability to join committees. 

In order to qualify for the Emerging Professional membership, the building or company for which the person is employed must have a BOMA Dallas "primary member" in good standing. Those emerging professionals who wish to have full membership benefits in BOMA Dallas should complete the “Real Estate Membership” category.

Annual Dues: $325 (limited to two years of membership)

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