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Value of Membership

As a Member of BOMA Greater Dallas, you are part of the most recognized business community worldwide in Commercial Real Estate.

BOMA Membership is vital to your professional success and your company’s performance. As the industry’s premier source for Advocacy, Education, and Networking on the local, state, regional, and national level, BOMA provides a tremendous return on your dues dollar.

Here are just FIFTEEN REASONS why you should become, or continue to be, a Member:


Why Play Catch Up? – Can you be successful without BOMA or with some other smaller association? Well, ask a similar; but, different set of questions: Can you be successful without business cards?... Or, without a web site?… Or, without promotional materials?… Or, without a super management team?... Sure. It can be done. But why fight uphill? Business is hard enough. Take the proven path to success.


Leadership Training – Do you want to learn by doing? Have an employee that is ready to go to the next level, but just needs the extra umphf? BOMA has various Committees, Councils, and leadership roles where leaders-to-be can study, participate, and experience. BOMA Greater Dallas is a company with hierarchy, meetings, budgets, audits, marketing, public relations, IT, and everything else that your business has. It is a great proving ground to mold new leaders and strengthen their mettle.


Business Relationships – Would you like business to be easier? Membership gives you immediate access to the best business network in the industry. Members do business with Members. The day goes much easier when you know the best of the best are your clients, vendors, or partners.


Network, Connect, Be Seen – Do you want to know the movers & shakers; or, BE a mover & shaker? For fun and business contacts, BOMA offers dozens upon dozens of events per year. From the four large networking events (Golf, Bowling, Sporting Clays, and Darts) to Signature Events and from Member Luncheons to seminars & webinars – BOMA has everything to meet your style and needs.


Education & Smarts – Do you need the inside scoop, a BIG tip, a golden nugget of info? Can any of your Company’s employees use Best Practices to take your business to new heights? We do that! BOMA has seminars, training, continuous education, and official designation & certification courses designed to make you and your employees smarter.


Credibility – Do you want to heighten positive perception among clients, owners, tenants, and other regional businesses? Identifying with BOMA International and BOMA Greater Dallas immediately enhances your brand.


Have Your Voice Heard – Do you want your government to hear you? Do you believe they work for you? What better way to be heard, make a statement, and change the world than to be part of the most recognized voice heard. Governors, Mayors, Councilmembers, Commissioners, Judges, Legislators, and Congress come to the BOMA to hear the voice of business – to hear from you.


Discount Advertising – Do you want to shout from the highest mountaintop? Promote your business to the industry, major decision-makers, and to other Members by becoming an Official Partner or Sponsor.


Stand Together – Local and Texas advocacy wins have saved the industry up to $1 per square foot in building operating expense savings by fighting back burdensome regulations, impact fees, inspections, and restrictions.


Be a Winner – Only BOMA Members may compete to win the industry’s highest recognition, The Outstanding Building of the Year® (TOBY) award, recognizing the best commercial properties for operational excellence globally.


Smarter, Not Harder – Work smarter by relying on BOMA’s benchmarking resources, salary surveys, white papers, and peer groups for vital data and analysis needed to evaluate your operations and manage your assets.


Save Money – BOMA Members receive substantial savings on registration fees to attend BOMA events, programs, conferences, and courses - your passport to success for your career and your company.


Improved, Efficient Properties – Members receive significant discounts BOMA 360 and BOMA Best to evaluate and certify your building in all aspects of building operations and management. Better operations = better budgets = more owner profit.


Join a Strong Team – BOMA is a federation. Your dues payment joins you to BOMA Greater Dallas (local) and BOMA International (worldwide). Since BOMA Greater Dallas is a Member of Texas BOMA (state), BOMA Southwest Region (5-state region), you benefit there, too! That’s the power of FOUR associations at your fingertips for one dues payment!


Fun, Fun, Fun! – Do you enjoy a good laugh? Like entertainment? Find FUN in mixing in a little business with good times? From business to entertainment, to laughs, to drinks with friends – we do that!

Please call the Membership Department at the BOMA Greater Dallas office at (214) 744-9020 or email discuss why YOU should be a Member of BOMA.