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BOMA Networking Committee

The Committee's Purpose...

BOMA Greater Dallas holds a number of social events designed to encourage interaction among Members, support the association’s core value of networking, and provide value for all Members. Networking is part of our slogan “Advocacy.  Education.  Networking.”

Although, we build a networking component into every event, the Networking Committee (NetworkCom) plans, creates, designs, manages, and works four annual Networking events each year which usually create the fondest memories and greatest stories; thus, they almost always SELL OUT.

These events also provide a source of non-dues revenue for the association and a forum for Allied Members to reach Real Estate Members.

Events planned for 2023 include: Golf Tournament, Bowling Tournament, Sporting Clays Tournament, and Dart Tournament. To learn more about the Networking Committee's scheduled events, click the corresponding event graphic below.

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Networking Committee Waitlist!


**Although Members can sign up for as many Committee Waitlists as you choose, Board Policy limits all Members to serving on only one Committee or Council at a time.

Because of the high demand, if your name is on a Committee Waitlist and you decline to join that Committee when invited, you move to the bottom of ALL Committee Waitlists.

Thus, only add your name to the Committee Waitlist(s) on which you truly would like to serve.

Networking Committee Chair

Charles Kellis Blue Background4

Charles Kellis

Regional Director of Operations

ADM Security Solutions

The Committee Chair is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the Committee. Though a Committee Chair may appoint Committee Members to oversee particular tasks or certain events; all tasks, events, and responsibilities of the Committee ultimately are the responsibility of the Committee Chair.

Committee Chairs also prepare all meeting agendas, run all meetings, manage the annual Committee budget, and ensure that all Committee responsibilities are being addressed and fulfilled.

The position of Committee Chair is considered a high honor in BOMA and is thus considered a BOMA Leader.

Committee Vice Chairs assist Committee Chairs to complete their duties and step in for the Chair when the Chair is unavailable. Vice Chairs are the heir-apparent for the role of Chair the following year; though, such appointment is not guaranteed.

Sasha Forrester

Sasha Forester

Vice Chair

Elizabeth Meredith

Elizabeth Meredith

Board Liaison

Christian D. Malesic d

Christian Malesic, MBA, CAE, CMP, IOM

Staff Liaison