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Administrative Coordinator

Hiring Awesome

Our Team is Incomplete.

There is a hole in our game.

We need the absolutely perfectly Awesome person to fill the role of Administrative Coordinator to complete us.


What We Do:

The most talented business leaders and managers in Greater Dallas have tasked the BOMA Greater Dallas staff to run the day-to-day operations of their not-for-profit association for them. We need help!


What You Would Do:

Do you have a great personality and enjoy people? Do you have a servant’s heart such that you are energized by helping others in their careers? Are you looking for a fast-paced, rewarding, thrill-ride of a career instead of another stale, old, boring job? Do you want to be part of business and economic growth in the region? Then, working at the only association dedicated to commercial real estate in the entire region may be just the right fit for you.

There is one more thing, and it’s a BIG thing: We need mad skills.

That is, you will be the voice on the other end of the phone and the first face they see as people walk in the door. Can you represent? Can you dress, act, and sound the part, even when it’s a bad day and there are a bunch of things to finish on your To-Do List? Our Members claim they BLEED BOMA BLUE because we help companies and their employees to learn, grow, and connect; so, the job is pretty rewarding and laid back – but, every job has its moments.

A requirement to apply is that you know your way around a keyboard and a computer. We are not looking for an IT person; but, you do need to be an expert at MS Word and MS Outlook, pretty good with MS Excel, and should at least know what an MS Teams is. We will train all the rest.

We do events! Some of the coolest events in the region, of course. We would need your help preparing for the events. This is mostly done at the office during regular business hours. On occasion, however, we would need you to actually be at the event. Usually, that just means checking off people as they come to registration or running PowerPoint slides. Some of our neatest and biggest events are in the evening; so, you would need to adjust your work schedule that day. A few days of the year, these events even fall on the weekend. But, we also always sleep in our own beds (no overnight travel).

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This position also has administrative duties attached: answer phones, open mail, order supplies, do internet research, proof letters, stuff a few envelopes, label some postcards, keep calendars, type minutes, attend meetings, and similar administrative duties.

In summation, think of the job as part administrative assistant, part events prep, part executive assistant, and part receptionist, with just a tinge of ‘lower level’ tasks that you would normally give to an intern thrown in (we very rarely have interns).


How Much It Pays:

This is a full-time hourly position at $20.00/hour. The work is inside work mostly at a desk. Most weeks you will work 40 hours. Some weeks will include overtime work, though that is rare.

You do need your own reliable transportation and own mobile phone with a great plan. We will provide an additional allowance for the phone and reimbursement for miles.

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Are You Still There?:

Most candidates don’t even make it this far in the job ad. They simply apply for every job on the job board – not because the job interests them, but because they need a job. ANY job. That person is probably not the right fit for us.

We want the applicant that goes running to their significant other… or best friend… or mom…. or dog, saying: you have to hear this ad! Is this me or what?!!

So, do two additional things in your cover letter for us. Would you, please? First, tell us the name of the plaza in Dallas where the 35th President was assassinated (just to let us know you read this far). And, also, how did you hear about this job opportunity? Of course, feel free to be creative (movie quotes and song references ALWAYS appreciated).



9 paid holidays/year; paid vacation days; paid personal/sick days; paid in full for employee: health, dental, eye, life, and accidental death & dismemberment insurances; an AMAZING 401(k) retirement plan with an unheard of 5% matching; lots of free coffee, and piles of free snacks and eats, as available.

How to be Considered?:

Send your Resume with a Cover Letter to BOMA Greater Dallas at


If you would prefer, mail it or drop it off at the BOMA Greater Dallas office:

BOMA Greater Dallas

901 Main St., Suite 570

Mailstop: LB 130

Dallas, TX, 75202-3764


Bring Your A-Game:

As you have probably figured out by now, this is a great job at an amazing place to work with awesome co-workers and Members. Thus, a lot of people want to work here.

Make sure you put super serious, real effort into your Cover Letter & Resume. For us to contact you for an interview, your materials need to scream out – I’M AWESOME!