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President’s Message

2024-2025 President

As the current President of BOMA Greater Dallas, my foremost objective is to cultivate robust connections with every member.  I seek to gain insight into every member’s perspective and implement effective solutions to propel our organization to succeed. I aim to kindle the “BOMA spark” within you, allowing you to recognize BOMA Greater Dallas' inherent value and greatness. The BOMA Greater Dallas journey to success is only possible with that 'spark' from every person in our membership.  This spark will ignite us to continually enhance BOMA Greater Dallas, fostering growth and enabling the organization to assist you in education, connections, and potential career advancement. I am deeply honored to be entrusted with this role and express genuine gratitude to all members for their unwavering support.

I commit to ensuring that every member feels valued and heard.  I acknowledge the historical gap between our organization's leadership and its members. I am dedicated to bridging this divide by collaborating closely with the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, and all committee Chairs and members.   I will relay the passions of our members, maintain transparency regarding leadership's goals and vision, and clarify the 'why' behind BOMA Greater Dallas' purpose.

We all can fortify this base by listening attentively to each other. Over the years, many members have voiced their concerns and offered suggestions and ideas for improving our organization's foundation.  I now have the platform to implement these suggestions and plan to proceed by working towards the following:  enhancing our education and advocacy programs, encouraging committees and their leaders to introduce more resources and subject matter experts,  and fostering inclusive and welcoming networking opportunities and membership luncheons. Additionally, I am committed to supporting the growth of our younger professionals as they play a vital role in leading BOMA Greater Dallas toward a brighter future.  I pledge to listen attentively and empower each member's voice as I recognize and appreciate your invaluable contributions.

Excitement fuels my commitment to our collaborative efforts to achieve greatness. Anticipating these opportunities, I genuinely look forward to the coming year and the advancements we can make together as an association.

Amber Stugart 2024

Amber Stugart, RPA
Cawley Partners